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The three-level Limkokwing Library now in place at the Limkokwing campus, showcases the development of national endeavours over the last three decades - and more. The first-of-its-kind presidential library that enjoys pride of place at the Malaysia Design Innovation Centre, the professional arm of the university college, is a resource centre on creativity and innovation.

Not only is information on the projects and campaigns carried out by the Limkokwing group over the years now readily available; members of the public are now ideally able to gain a clearer understanding of the role of creativity and the importance of being innovative when they visit the library.

"The library highlights a mission to promote unity, and build economy and enterprise," explains Tan Sri Dato' Dr Lim Kok Wing, the man behind the brand name.

"It is located within a campus of innovation, an ideas bank. Nowhere in KL will you find something like this. It captures a Malaysian journey to further development - three decades of promoting creativity and innovation, of helping the country get there."

Creativity provides solutions

Through the library, Tan Sri Lim hopes to educate Malaysians and foreigners alike on the importance of being creative and innovative. "Students who visit us will get a clear understanding of creativity and innovation," he says, adding that the library also serves to espouse the different uses of creativity - as a business tool, to raise charity, to change mindsets, to educate society and as a catalyst to innovation.

The objective of the library is to help people understand the central role of creativity in the visualization of concepts into communications that explain, educate, unite, defend, promote, rally, market and advocate.

"We want to show that creativity can provide solutions to problems. We need to dispel the myth that creativity is used only in the fields of art and design. Creativity is essentially a way of thinking that provides extraordinary solutions to ordinary problems."

Visitors to the library will learn how the Limkokwing Group continues to play industry leader - its expertise in market intelligence, protocol knowledge and cultural understanding ensuring it remains so. The group's multi-disciplinary expertise is clearly highlighted, establishing it as Asia's most accomplished communications and design strategists. For instance, Limkokwing's involvement in national and international communications projects such as the on-going Tak Nak campaign and the National Service is highlighted for all to see.

The wide range of enterprise under the group includes new fashion and lifestyle brands such as the International Lifestyle Design Academy - a collaboration with Wella International, and Centrefold, a first-of-its-kind fashion store producing and selling clothes. Both business units run as incubators at the Limkokwing campus, providing the 4,000 students from 60 countries opportunities to learn to create and manage products and services.

The business units are part of the university college's industry within university concept, and add to the vibrancy of the highly multicultural and multinational environment where students get to indulge in international networking.

Efforts towards nation-building

It's no secret that the group's success is due mainly to the efforts of Tan Sri Lim. He is a sought after figure, having won more creative awards than any other in Asia and having contributed not only to industry but also clearly towards nation-building.

His contributions in various areas are captured and presented in the library. These cover areas such as education, publishing, sports media and design services, and international relations. In international education, Limkokwing provides learning in such areas as electronic design, multimedia, broadcasting, film & television, architecture, information technology, software engineering, advertising, public relations, journalism, marketing, business information systems, and English language learning.

An essential part of the group's communications range involves publishing. Among the publications carried out by the group are Malaysia Incorporated, Green Horizon, Hidden Agenda, Currency Turmoil, and New Voice of Asia.

Expertise in design and communications

In terms of work done in strategic international relations, the group has collaborated with foreign governments on specific projects such as South Africa's voter education exercise, and Bosnia Herzegovina - A Global Appeal for Funds.

The group's expertise in design and corporate identity is reflected in the many projects it has done to upgrade the image of Malaysia as a whole. These include the signage system for the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The group has the full range of communications expertise that companies and organisations require to create an impact in the Asian market. From print, outdoor, film, video and television to the web, the group engages in strategising, writing, directing, designing and production work for all media.

The group lays claim to being among the most integrated communications specialists in the country: its ability to move with speed, react with accuracy, and advise with confidence comes from more than three decades of experience in providing strategic communications consultancy for multinationals, companies and governments.

Tan Sri Lim has long worked closely with the Malaysian government on several issues, lending his creative ability to help change mindsets and instill new consciousness among the people. His understanding of the region is excellent, his influence widespread, and his clientele are scattered across the world.