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1. The smartcard is property of MDI and the use of the Card constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of use. Use of the Card may be revoked at MDI’s sole discretion.

2. The cardholder shall be entitled to use the smartcard for any authorized MDI merchants located at MDI premises. MDI will not be liable for any act or omission of any of its operators, including refusal to accept the smartcardrd, nor for any defect or deficiency in any services obtained when using the smartcard.


2   A replacement fee will be charged.
3.  If a smartcard is replaced due to theft or loss, it is de-activated and cannot be re-activated should the cardholder find it at a later date.

2. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to report the loss of any smartcard

1.  MDI's direct or consequential liability for the use of the card is limited to the maximum amount pre-loadable per card.

I. Dispute Resolution
1. The card owner is responsible for monitoring his/her account. All sales transactions incurred by the cardholder are final at the time and point of sale. Any discrepancies must be reported at the time of purchase or in person, at the Smartcard Counter, the morning after the activity is noticed. A report of activity is available upon request at the Smartcard Counter. If an error has occurred, the affected transaction[s] will be adjusted at the sole discretion of MDI.
2.  In the event of any disputes, the decision of the management of MDI's management is binding and final.